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Welcome to The Hive, Sustainable Shopping for BZ people. We are popping up at all around South Oxfordshire. 
So bring along your empty bottles, save money, waste and plastic! Repurpose, Refill, Reuse - join the #refillrevolution
We are having to make some slight adjustments due to the current COVID-19 outbreak so bare with us....


Where it all started 

How We Got Here

It started over a year ago with a desire to make a difference, and detox our own lives. We wanted to reduce our plastic impact, having seen the dramatic effects on the Ocean and our Land. 

But everything was so confusing, what truly was biodegradable, or compostable, what was environmentally friendly or not? Vegan, not Vegan, Marine Friendly bla bla bla, so many titles used and yet all I wanted to know was - does it work, am I compromising, is it cost effective? 

After a ton of research and talking to lots of companies, we found a baseline of fantastic products and companies with the same ethos as us! Some very local, like Sesi and Franks Beans, and some a little further afield, but we try and source with the following charter....Local (less than 30 miles), County, UK, Mainland Europe. We are pleased to say that 40% of our stock is local, 25% County, 30% UK, 5% Europe.

Our super Local Suppliers are - Scoop Zero Waste, Ali’s Homemade Items, Sesi, Neeves Bees, Franks Beans, Steve’s Beeswax - If you have a product you think fits our ethos then drop us a mail.

We wanted as many products to be “circular”, meaning, that everything is reused and refilled where possible, that employees are treated fairly and paid a living wage, as well as products and raw ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably.

We don’t just stock it because it’s “funky” or “a rep came by”. Also we change our suppliers if we find a comparable or better product under the local or county category!  

The focus is on the full product life cycle - mileage, ingredients, ethical, fair, environmental impact, and use ability.

It started with a few 5l bottles of home cleaning products and a pop up market! We truly wanted to make a difference, focus on community, and so we started a local market in our area, and now we have refilled thousands of litres! 

The Hive Pop Up Market is a monthly market (Currently on pause) to promote local foodies, makers, crafters, artisans, local enterprises and provide a central point for plastic free 'refill' services. If we all do something small, we can make a bigger impact, there is No Planet B.

And that’s where it began, markets, to Hive Refill pop ups and now we have moved into the Mobile Hive, and now the Hive Hut and Hubs, so we can get to more places, more often, and be more effective! 

Shop Sustainably - come and meet us! 


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