Common Queries

Do you have food items?

Yes, we have a fantastic collaboration with Katie at Scoop Zero Waste, click on the link below and order from Katie, and you can collect from us!

We also have a collaboration with Savages of Blewbury for Fruit & Veg Boxes and MarcoPolo for Bread, plus Beehive Yourself for Honey .... trying to help our community during this time. 

Plus we stock

Rape Seed Oil - 70p per 100ml

EVOO - £2 per 100ml or £10 for 500ml Bottle

Tea - Loose, Earl Grey, Decaf, English Breakfast and NEW Moroccan Mint

What is refilling?

COVID-19 measures
We are currently not refilling any bottles unless they are Sanitiser ones. We have the following sizes in stock;
* 500ml* 1ltr * 2.5 Ltr (with Tap) - refillable and £10 first purchase the bottle and tap.* 150ml with Pump (Amber Glass)* 500ml with Pump (Clear Plastic)* 125ml with Atomiser (Amber Glass)* 250ml with Atomiser (Amber Glass) * 50ml Pipette (Amber Glass)* 250ml & 750ml Oil Bottles (Clear Glass)

Its pretty simple....Take an old plastic bottle, for example your washing up liquid bottle. When you finish the contents, clean by hand, remove the labels and mark the volume on the base with a Sharpie.Bring it alone, we refill and label and voila, you saved a plastic bottle from landfill!
Top Tips
Most household bottle plastics don’t fare well in dishwashers (this is the voice of experience!)
If you have sticky residue left from labels, scrub off with a little BiCarb Paste (take a spoon of Bicarb and mix with a drop of water) - rub and bang, sticky bye bye
Glass bottles - jars and containers rock, you can use over and over and over, plus they look fabulous dharling in the kitchen!
Don’t panic Mr Mannering - we have bottles on board, spares and PreFilled. If you want to start fresh, but please dispose of responsibly, recycle or give to us!

How do we find you?

The Hive Hut is in the Village of East Hendred in South Oxfordshire

OX12 8LG

Newbury Road, just on the right hand side after the junctions of Church Street and St Mary’s Road, it’s an old Tin Shelter / Hut on the right.

Please bare in mind we are only on Saturday openings by appointment during this lockdown period so please complete your booking and ordering form below...

What are the payment options?

We are only working to PreOrders currently and you’ll be sent an online receipt with payment link for card transactions.
Many thanks for your cooperation at this time 

Do you have a shop? 

Latest news on 1st February 2020 we opened another Hub inside the Grocer Chef  on the High Street in Ardington (OX12 8PS) which is open Monday - Saturday 8am - 3pm
We also now have The Hive Hut which is in East Hendred and you can order from us here...

COVID - 19 Measures 

During this uncertain period and given the long list of essentials we offer our customers we remain operational but on restricted opening times and using recommended government measures.
We frequently wash our hands between orders, as well as wear disposable gloves. We also have the correct grade face masks for when we interact with suppliers. There hasn’t been any visitors inside the Hive Hut for over 14 days now. 
So far we are all well, with no symptoms and offer our service on Saturdays only, including a delivery service to those self-isolating at home in the villages of East & West Hendred and Harwell, thanks to a wonderful team of volunteers.
We also spray sanitise all bottles and packages when we place them in the non contact pick up area and all payments are contactless our iZettle payment portal.
Any questions please do come back to us.


 The Hive Eco Shop  

The Hive Hut HQ, Newbury Road, East Hendred, Oxon, OX12 8LG

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