The BZ Bees at The Hive

Sally & Greg run The Hive and can be found  helping people to make sustainable and effective choices and changes to everyday habits and needs.
Sally is an Engineering Consultant that works in the field of HV/EV Transport - she still has the day job! 
Greg is an artist, graphic designer and ex teacher. Greg is responsible for the branding for the Hive and all the design work. 
Between them there is also 4 kids, a cat and a dog and a bunch of chickens. 
It’s about making changes for the whole family and sharing experiences along the way! 

The Hive Products 

Our Main Suppliers and Product Lines 

Sesi Home Cleaning

Cole & Co Hair and Body Care

Faith In Nature Hair and Body Care

Friendly Soaps 

Cole & Co Soaps

Bamboo Cleaning and Dental Care 

Reusable Pads and Wipes 

Neeves Bees Lip Salve 

NUDE in Bude Skincare 

Suneeta Skin Care 

Honest Toil Olive Oil

Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil 

The Brew Co Tea 

Franks Coffee


EcoLiving Products


Well Preserved

Marco Polo Bakery *

Wessex Flour 

Hodmedod Flours, Grains and Snacks

Ann Laing Flowers 

Beehive Yourself Honey and Balms

Horsebox Coffee Company 

Bloom & Bear

Bloom & Blossom

Liberty Face Coverings

DEW products (Sanitiser) 

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