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Another Hub Opens Hive Hub #2 at The Grocer Chef in Ardington, Oxfordshire - OX12 8PS

We are super excited to share that on 1st February we opened our second Hive Hub in the lovely village of Ardington in Oxfordshire.

Ardington is already where we hold our monthly Hive Pop Up Market and we are regulars at the Grocer Chef Tea Rooms and Shop anyway, so when Keith and Maria said they wanted to “Go Green”, we embarked on an Eco Education with them and their team.

We couldn’t be prouder to work with such a great bunch of people, and they offer some fantastic vegan options in the Tea Rooms too!

This Hive hub has everything you need, plus The Grocer Chef also has some fabulous products like Coffee Logs (low carbon fuel

made from waste for your wood burners!), Ground or Bean Coffee Refills, Firelighters (made from sustainable sources) and more!

Over the coming months we will be stocking this village location with more products including our New Rapeseed Oil, Honest Toil Olive Oil and Homewares (plastic free brushes and more!)

Plus we will be holding workshops on

26th February & 25th March 2020

3-4pm and 7-8pm

£20 per head, includes all materials plus drinks and snacks!

To Join in you can book directly in the shop or email Sarah on - thegrocerchef@gmail.com

 The Hive Eco Shop  

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