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Half Term / Easter

The weird and wonderful world of Isolation and Socially Distancing.

How are you doing?

It is all a bit of a head adjustment isn’t it?

When this all started, in my head, I had planned to do so much with all the extra time, now my travel and stress loads would reduce, being around the kids more, spending quality time, Rose tinted glasses.

So we are actually on week 3.5 of isolation (as both boys had some exposure and mild symptoms), and so here’s the truth, I haven’t subscribed to learn Russian, we did Joe Wicks once and it nearly killed me, and I haven’t meditated / done Yoga online or any of that!

I have scrolled multiple shops to look for suitable lounge wear, bought us all new duvets, been lack around schedules and routines and had the odd anxiety attack.

As you know, we only opened the Hive Hut 7 days before we were forced to shut the door, for the safety of our family but also a need was immediate to diversify!

So now we have an online ordering form, and are working on the shop options and stock, and we have doorstep pick ups and home deliveries that are contact free with online payment.

OK, it’s not perfect yet BUT it is getting easier to use, and deliver. We have done various deals with other local and small companies that also won’t qualify for any government help, like us!

The next ordering date is for Saturday 11th April 2020

link is here...


So for us, it’s business as usual, in a new world of the unusual. Just don’t beat yourself up for not being isolation perfect, don’t spend too long online, watch the Lion King on Netflix, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and remember, please please to stay at home!

Keep washing your hands and here’s a fun printable for next week, to help entertain the kids! We can add your soap to your next order if your small people complete their tasks 🙌🏻

Stay SaFe


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