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How do I refill?

Well you start with..

A willingness to make change, a desire to reduce the number of products in your house / bottles / throw out culture.

Then, simply, you follow the instructions....

1. find a suitable bottle

2. ensure It’s clean and without labels

3. ensure the volume is noted from the labels and placed on the bottle in perm marker!

4. come and find us, bring bottles, refill!

Many people ask us, how do I start? I found when I was detoxing my home, the easiest way was start with a room....and for me the laundry room was the easiest.

After I was converted to refilling laundry liquid and fabric conditioner (easy, smells lovely and clothes are fab!) I moved onto the dreaded cupboard under the kitchen sink, it was dreadful, I had accrued so much stuff!! I started with surface sprays and cream cleaner and have slowly worked my way to an entire cupboard, with just a few old stragglers of shoe polish and Mr Sheen (this stuff i never remember buying and it just seems to keep appearing!)

The Bathroom was the worst, a mix of stolen hotel mini bottles, washing, cleaning, Deo, sprays, face care, and again I started with the things we use the most - BodyWash, Shampoo and conditioner and then worked our way around the room! It’s still not done 100% because I still just keep finding things hanging around!

All change is a really good start, so keep at it, keep focused and you’ll soon be saving plastic, money and reducing your impact on our beautiful planet!



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