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Its about the light...

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The winter solstice is upon us, and at this time of the year, I love nothing more than exerting my inner #hygee. Its all about comfort, family, time, soft lighting, blankets and those festive Pj's you can only get away with in December (mine say 'Mamma Elf' on!)

But what can we do to make this time of the year more sustainable. You'll read allot about wrapping paper, nasty crackers (and bad jokes), the normal over packaging by the supermarkets and vast over consumerism and last minute panicking for gifts.

The one thing that you can give anyone, with very little effort, is your time. Making time for the things and people you care about and love. Surrounding your home in light, soft glowing candles (check out these guys), making food for everyone, laughter, card games, crafting and the odd festive film (Elf, Home Alone and now the new Netflix Christmas Chronicles is a hit in our home). TIME........its something we have a limited amount of, its fought for by companies every second of every day, and our planets clock is ticking too!

Are you aware we have just 12 years to make some dramatic impacts on our environment, to lower the earths temperature by 1.5 degrees. Now, policy makers, countries and legislation is coming, but this takes time, so this christmas, think about your own impact. Gift sustainably, shampoo bars and packaging free bath toiletries are available from places like LUSH. Look at Bars of Soap again and gorgeous toiletries from companies like Neals Yard remedies (click here for my local representative, Emma's Page). Please dont go crazy on boxing day, stressing yourself out with the sales, play a game at home instead.

Humans dont need anything apart from warmth, love, comfort and food....so remember these things when the kids are screaming over a game of fortnite, or a random family member appears after years! Turn it off - the little internet box, maybe hide it for 24 hours, and focus on whats important to you, communicate with those you love and spare a thought for your environment and the planet at large.

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