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Its been super busy..

Wow, if you follow us on social media (@bzbwraps on Facebook and Instagram) you will know its been a hugely busy time. We have made the decision not to have the online store, its too costly to run for very few orders and we prefer meeting people face to face.

So THE HIVE is officially now a market and pop up events.

Since we blogged last we have had our Environmental Health Visit, deemed low risk and 'passed', we dont need a food hygiene rating as we dont serve / cook foods etc), it was a great learning experience, and we are glad the work we put in paid off!

This website will turn more to sharing our wonderful producers, makers and artisans with you and ways you can contact them, as well as information we gather and find from our travels in sustainability. Plus having frequent refill stations, for home cleaning and bodycare products, which helps reduce plastic use.

Please remember this is not our career or fulltime jobs and so we will get back to you as soon as we can, and we appreciate your support and passion.

Meanwhile we keep things upto date on Social Media and the next event is TOMORROW - Saturday 2nd March from 9am - 12pm

Thanks for your continued support

Sally & Greg

The Hive

Spring is in the air, and we now stock CackleBean Eggs!


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