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Making Changes in your life..

Many peple say that Change is the one thing you can count on in life. Changing habits, planning for life changes like children, marriage, moving home, relocating country, new job, new education challenge, change change change. Whether its positive or negative you can be sure that change is coming planned or not, andhow we deal with change is what makes each of us unique.

Personally I realised some time ago it was something I had to focus on, changing my life, my habits, my work patterns, my friendship groups and my marriage. It all started 7 years ago, with the birth of my son (youngest and last!), nothing went to plan. I wont bore you with the long story, as that is definatley one for a fireside and a good bottle of wine, but every time I had ten minutes to myself, I kept thinking 'what could I change in my life to make me happier'. Eventually you realise YOU are the change thats needed and YOUR mindset is the only thing you have the power to control. How we act and react to situations is a huge influence on what the outcome will be, and as a good friend always tell me, the universe will provide whatever you ask for.

So this IS my change, make sacrifices so I can tell my children I tried to do something to stimulate change. I have changed my work life, and now my family life, found new loves in so many ways and have the most supporting loving partner I could ever ask for, and two children that are supporting mummies new venture.

So my change is, to spend more time on The Hive and BZB Wraps, and expand the product range, invest in more stock and diversify and run events.

The next evolution of The Hive is into Refills, and you may have heard about the success of our recent pop up market, which we will be doing monthly in East and West Hendred in Oxfordshire. We are working with Sesi Refills, an Oxford Based Biodegradable and Vegan manufacturer of refillable home cleaning products, PLUS we are now also stocking specialist toilet and kitchen rolls as well as SUMA Vegasn Shampoo and Conditioners.

It will be a while until we make any profits, but we are influencing change and thats more important, if we can all make some changes in our own back yards and within our local communities then imagine the changes we can make when we all influence others and tell them about the changes we are making. Every action has a reaction and right now our wonderful planet needs a positive reaction thats for sure, what change are you going to make?


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