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It all started with bees....

It all started with some beeswax, and the simple hatred of single use plastics. As someone who works in an industry thats trying to be more sustainable and bring cleaner options and less air pollution into the atmosphere, I know only too well how long legislative change takes.

So I was thinking...So I got thinking, about my own world and whats the point of working on bringing electric vehicles to the market, if my own ethos and lifestyle was toxic. It began back in June, and a you tube video of how to make 'beeswax wraps'. after nearly melting my oven and dripping hot wax all over the kitchen, I finally mastered creaitng my own wraps for home use. Then I decided, if I can do it, anyone can, with a little instruction. BZBwraps was formed, initially with DIY kits and now sourcing ready made beeswax wraps for home use. One small step to ridding my life of single use plastics.

I am no puritonI am only human, and the more I looked at my lifestyle, and increasingly overfilled recycling bin, I knew more change needed to come. But the internet is fraught with options, companies, flooded products on ebay and selective environmental apathy. So, as a result of late night insomnia googling, I have done all the hard work for you. Tried and tested the products on friends and family members, checked certificates and accreditations and am expanding the BZB family to....




and more to come.......


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