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Radio Silence

There are no words for how busy its been since the last post, and for that I apologise.

What with juggling life, work, love and living, it’s all been a bit chaotic. You know that feeling of “if I stop it will all come tumbling down”, that pretty much sums it up!

When I started on this journey it was just a “monthly thing”, organise a market, do some refills, meet new people. Boy, how it’s grown, and continues to do so! I have an eternal gratitude for those who have pushed me and whispered words of encouragement along the way! Here we are, nearly a year on from where we started, and growing by the day.

So I have updated the website accordingly and will continue to post about our journey, hopefully it won’t be too boring, and continue to make The Hive as efficient and sustainable as we can.

Oh and also since the last time I wrote, we have also been on the TV a few times and a radio interview, how exciting is that!

For now, it’s time to get an online store sorted and make some tea....I’ll be back soon and thanks for all your support, means a huge amount!



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