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Sustainable Shopping - What Does it Mean?

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

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The Hive is about providing a place online to sustainably shop for some items that help save our oceans, lives, planet etc...

BUT, what about other shopping needs, where does the idea of sustainable shopping come from? What does it really mean and how can it help?

Lots of big companies throw the words 'ethical' and 'sustainable' around whilst focusing on making maximum profits.

The reality is WE BUY TOO MUCH STUFF! We throw away, in the UK for example, 300,000 tonnes of clothing every year to landfill!

There is also no clear winner to whether its more sustainable to shop online to to shop in a store, as the carbon debt calculator is so complex in the supply chain, you actually cant work it out! Buying the right materials, especially when it comes to clothing will make a huge difference on the recyclability and how the materials decompose PLUS about the way the materials are made, resources etc and LIFE SPAN of your clothes. AVOID synthetics and look for Wool, 100% cotton, silk, linen etc, avoid everything else if you can, and stretch to organic if your wallet can take it. Companies like M&S and H&M have specific clothes recycling initatives and focus on ethical supply chain too!

But whatever your buying the focus should be, Buy Less, Buy Better and Buy Local. The great quote of buy cheap, pay twice, is so true. Invest in items for your life and home that are better quality and they will serve you longer.

Invest locally, for clothes there are many options popping up like these guys . Community Clothing has such a fantastic ethos and story, as does Black Betty helping parge companies move on overstock!

But what about the local element? When I was young (and yeah, its a while ago, I do have to scroll much further these days to declare my year of birth!), we had everything on the high street and slowly we have lost thos to large conglomerates and estate agents / charity shops. Now, I do love a good rummage in a charity shop, but what I love much more is the fact our local town has a market twice a week! Food, Produce, Artisan Crafts and more, outside in the town square is wonderful, but the timings, parking and juggling family and work, means I rarely manage to attend.

So, I have created a 'pop up' market, in my local area, to bring together local producers and makers, for very little table fee, and create a sense of community again, by people shopping and supporting each other. The Hive Pop Up Market will start on 2nd February 2019 from 9am - 12pm, at West Hendred Village Hall in Oxfordshire. One of the features will be a 'swap area', quite simply an area for people to bring clean clothes, bedding, accessories and to 'swap' there and then! No money changes hands, you just bring and take, what you may need. I am hoping this type of 'swishing' (as its now called), will add a different dynamic to a pop up market. We will have Sesi Refills, BZB Products, local artisans, services, beauty and healthcare, baked goods, flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables and hot refreshments (to fundraise for the village hall), as well as ourdoor pitches that will be available.If you are interested in having a place at the market, then please do complete the form here

If you do want to shop sustainably and ethically online, then can I suggest this fabulous directory here. I hope to see you at the Pop Up Market in February!



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