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The Holly & The Ivy

Or should we say the Fig & The Cassis?

Its definitely that time of the year, as we convert pumpkins into soup, the Christmas cupboard has been opened and the twinkly lights all tested.

Personally I love this season, minus the rain would be nice, but I’ve always been a fan of candlelight and cosy blankets, our wood burner and making home made popcorn.

The event calendar is also heating up and we have some festive stock on board...

Play n Choc - Festive Boxes £3.50

Enamel Hot Choc Mugs with 100% cacao drops £5.50

Soap Gift Sets - Friendly - £8.50

Coming soon - Soap Hampers (unwrapped), Doggy Gift Sets and more!

Plus we are working with some local makers to bring you a unique candle experience and reusable Christmas table items!

Why not turn a new leaf this season, refill rather than purchase new, switch BodyWash to soap, gift sustainably, cut out the plastic and the over consuming. No one NEEDS anything apart from happiness, health and love, so gift with a heart rather than raiding the shelves.

The amount of glitter, sequin and Polyester already adorning the shelves is sickening. There’s so many ways you can gift with love and still protect or minimise your impact on our blue planet.

Our Biggest event of the Calendar that we have also helped organise is next Friday night, come down and enjoy the first festive event of the season!

Spend your hard early money on things that will wow and wonder, and have a better impact than an afternoons trip to a nasty cheap shop, for the sake of tat and over gifting!

More soon...



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