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So some of this stuff I am really bad at but soon after we got the Horse Trailer home, we were contacted by the BBC in Oxford and asked if they could interview us, of course we said YES !

That in turn led to a piece on a Freeview channel, which you can watch here

And in the background there’s another exciting Radio plan being thrown around, which should come to fruition soon.

The bit I love the most is giving advice, around the products and how best to use them, why we stock them and how to help people make sustainable choices.

Its one of the reasons we don’t aspire to have a bricks and mortar premises, because we want to meet and talk to as many people as possible. We have regular spots at business parks, schools, private enterprises, village and community car parks, its more than just “some eco stuff” it’s so much more!

What are you waffling on about Sally?

Well, when I started eco volunteering I was 19 and it was at an Eco House and Environmental Education charity, in the Midlands. Back then, anything to do with the environment was so left wing and hippy, but we were talking about practical daily changes...

🌱 insulation, renewables, efficiency, waste, energy, we even had rain water collection, and a refill store (Ecover before the unethical buy out!)🌱

This is nothing new to me, it’s just I lost my way, I became a consumer, I focused on my family and career and consuming and convenience were essential!

Or so I believed.

And now, 18 months since I started the idea, and began making Beeswax Wraps in my kitchen, I’ve seen a huge surge in refill stores, products, shops popping up and now the major supermarkets making waves and sounds around packaging.

I founded a Plastic Free Community movement where I live and embrace being a member of Oxfordshire Greentech group and advising on Zero Emissions Fuel and Transport (day job!). I organise litterpicks and as well as planning the monthly markets I am organising an Annual event for 20.6.20

What frustrates me is when I get lovely customers at our trailer telling me how put off they have been by going to a shop or seeing an eco product advertised, and the price hike against a market comparable, or worst still, not felt welcome because they aren’t “middle class enough”, or “products are way out of budget”. We now have the Eco Pound or Green Dollar 💵💶, and we should never rip anyone off who’s trying to make change.

I started all this to bring change, solid and pragmatic change. I even quit my job to prevent 140 miles a day travelling by car!

The Hive will always strive to ensure we have ranges to meet everyone’s needs and budgets, and we will never be judgemental, no ones perfect and we all need to make some changes and collectively we make huge gains!😉

This is our planet, this is no longer about capitalism, it’s now about survival and ensuring we reduce our impact NOW, right NOW!💚

The Planet is at a crucial turning point and this is some of the ways you can help make a difference;

1. Switch to Shampoo and Conditoner bars - the ones we stock are so amazing you can even melt them into fluid if your struggling with slippy bars flying around the shower! 🧼 Go one soap further and use cocoa bar for your face and a body bar for bathing Or showering .

2. Make sound choices, think about what you buy and from whom. Just because it looks green doesn’t mean it is, for example, refill stores, many get bulk ingredients and products in plastic bags or sacks, and then pop into jars! Some of the products travel from far and wide, rather than just choosing local.

3. Ask questions, the more you ask the more you’ll see that switching is the best option #switchgreen #refillrevolution

4. Thrift, you'd be amazed what you might find, when you need something then make a list and second hand first! Also Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are fab for stuff! The new Oxfam Superstore at Oxford is pretty immense too!

5. This is not a fad, or a middle class yummy mummy thing, this is real, the numbers don’t lie and we all need to buy with more brains! We love stuff thats truly circular economy, with fair trade and wage, ethics and educational, so ask how your local store or shop chooses its suppliers. We shouldn’t be stocking product based on how good it looks on Instagram or pushing prices up to make hay while the sun shines!

6. Join your local sustainability group, they are everywhere, locally we have;

a) Sustainable Wantage

b) Sustainable Didcot

c) Plastic Free Hendreds

d) Sustainable Stanford

e) Sustainable Harwell

f) Hendreds Environment Group

h) The Mix - Wantage

7. Stop thinking this won’t happen, it’s not the millennial bug, it’s already happening and the sad facts are no matter what;

a) we are on target for a 1.5 degree climate change

b) my lifetime will see millions of climate refugees

c) food will get more expensive, and sparse, get used to home cooking because convenience and take away has to stop!

d) energy will increase in cost, and fossil fuels continue to be used

e) daily people die from air pollution

f) there is no planet B and yet we use the planets resources irresponsibly and are in resource Debt year in year.

g) politics can’t fix this, we have to fix our own habits an prioritise a green agenda

h) climate change is real and we are in a climate emergency

I) communities have to restart, live together, grow together, share more, reduce local emissions, community produce and growing schemes, keep taking about the eco issues we have!

I probably sound like an old moaning lady, but this stuff get my goat!

it’s not hard....

consume less

respect the natural environment

make sustainable choices

reduce meat intake to twice a week

reduce private travel and embrace public transport

go renewables

if you ever end to chat then find the trailer - here

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